Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's a great day for a tea party! Today I am attending one, not hosting one. The hostess has invited guests to a Hawaiian theme tea party lunch.
We are to wear tropical attire, it sounds like a fun party.
I happen to know that this hostess struggles with tea sandwiches. In the past she has made them the day of the party, just before serving them. This meant a long time in the kitchen while her guests waited.
I have encouraged her to make them the day before, wrap them in plastic wrap or put in covered containers, as most hostesses do. I've been told you can even freeze most tea sandwiches, but I haven't tried that myself.
What do you think? Any hints about making tea sandwiches? Please leave a comment!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mystery Tea Parties

The magazine "Country Victorian" has done a special article on the mystery tea parties. "Host a Whodunnit" is the name of the feature, and they headline "Who Killed the Darling Duke of Darjeeling" and "Who Killed the Roving Romeo of the Red Feather Ladies."
Hosting a mystery tea party for friends or family is a great way to entertain. The party plans also lend themselves to club programs and fund raisers. They have proven very popular with Red Hat groups as well as church groups.