Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tea Poem

Three tea parties in one week is too much! But I enjoyed every one of them. Precious time with precious ladies. Now I'm working on losing the weight I gained from all those precious savories!

Preparing for a tea party often becomes a family affair, with others pitching in to help. This husband may have been recruited to help one to many times. Ed wrote the following poem for his wife Alice"


Well, it's time for you to have your tea.
You've decorated so beautifully,
The food's prepared,
The china shown
The guests all arrive, saying
"Gimme a scone!"

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tea for weight-loss

A cup of tea is so good for you, it's unbelievable! Many reports show that good tasting, inexpensive, widely available tea does help one lose weight. It works by helping to reduce cravings for sweets and suppress the appetite. It helps to lower cholesterol and helps the body burn fat by stimulating the thermogenesis.
There are 3 main ingredients in tea that do the work. The first is caffeine. Although caffeine has some harmful side effects, the amount in a cup of tea is far less than in a cup of coffee. Tea also has an ingredinet in it that negates the unhealthy caffeine effects, L-theanine. That same ingredient tells the brain that you're not hungry.
The weight-loss worker is EGCG, an antioxident that helps your body burn fat.
Drinking 4 cups of tea, or more, while following a good weight-loss plan
will definately help you lose weight faster and easier. Just be sure it's real tea, black, green, white or oolong, not an herbal tisane.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


We have been gone for a month, cooling off in Northern Ca. We came back to the desert to early though, it's going to be over 100 all week.
I have three tea luncheons to attend this week. That, on top of vacation food, is making weight gain a real challenge.
Fortunately, I found a great book about tea and how it actually does work to help us lose weight. There are three important ingrediants in tea that do the trick. But I'm talking real tea, not tisanes.
What's the difference? Real teas are black, green, white and oolong.
The herbal blends, fruit blends, etc are called teas, but are actually not made from the tea plant. They are blends of herbs and fruits, spices, etc.
The benefits are not the same.
More about this in my next blog, which I promise will be in the next day or two.