Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mystery of the New Year

Well, here it is Dec. 31st, the last day of 2009. It's been a hard year for many, an interesting year to say the least. Don't you wonder what 2010 will bring? What the next ten years will bring? What would you like to be doing ten years from now?
What will you do now to bring that about?
Don't want this to turn into a sermon, so I'll just get back to today. Should I work on end of the year stuff or should I start working on the next mystery tea party plan? I've also got the idea for a one act play starting to take form, too. It's tempting to just do the fun stuff, but then the end of year stuff will keep nagging at me. Maybe I should get that done and then have clear sailing for writing the next fun mystery. I think you'll love it!
I hope your New Year resolutions include more fun tea parties. I am hosting two in January. One for my Red Hat group, and one for my Victorian Tea group. Going to do "Who Killed the Roving Romeo?" for my Red Hat group, and a regular tea for the Victorian group.
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mystery Tea Parties in Tea Rooms

The Camelia Rose Tea Room in Florida just purchased my newest mystery tea party plan, "Gone With the Breeze." They have now purchased every one that I have written, and are anxious for me to get going on another.

They feature them as an added venue in thier tea room, and they have been very popular with thier customers.

I have the plot for another new mystery running around in my head, so I can promise another one or two mystery tea party plans coming out in 2010.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas! The big day is almost here. The sun is shining through the window at my desk, there's a gentle wind blowing, and the mountains surrounding us are covered with snow. That's Christmas in Southern California. But it isn't the weather that makes it a joyful season, it's what's in the heart. My heart is filled with gratitude for all the blessings God gives, and especially for the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ and the gift of salvation that He brings.
The mystery tea party business has been a blessing, and I love hearing from the ladies. They often send me emails and even pictures of thier parties. If you wish to leave a comment, (please do!) just click on the "comment" under any post, and it will open a box where you can tell the whole world about your party.
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