Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tea Party or Jury Duty?

What do you do when you have planned on having a tea party on a particular date, and your tea group is depending on that date, and then you get summoned for jury duty that week? That was the dilemma I was faced with. I didn't want to change the date for the tea party because it's so hard for everyone to change dates. These people are so busy! I also didn't want to go ahead and prepare all the food and then be called to report for jury duty. Usually, when one is called, you can just call in the night before and they tell you that you do not have to attend the next day. So, I have decided to take a chance, and send out the invitations as planned. Instead of preparing all the food, I am asking each lady to bring a tea lunch for one in a pretty decorated box, like a hat box or something. Then we'll draw numbers for the boxes, and everyone will get a surprise lunch and a pretty box to take home. I will furnish tea and a dessert. If it does turn out that I have to go to court that day, a dear friend has volunteered to host the party in her home instead of mine, and I'll send the dessert over to her. I was still planning on table decorations and favors, and looking for things in the stores. While rummaging through a closet looking for something completely unrelated I came across a big bag from "Body and Bath." Inside were 8 lovely scented candles and pretty holders that I had bought while on vacation in Arizona. They were on sale and I thought at the time that they'd make great table favors for a tea party sometime. So, on with the tea party!