Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Mystery theme tea party

January has been a busy month for hosting teas! I have attended two, and hosted two myself. I did a trial tea party for my newest mystery tea party, "Who Stole the Wedding Bells?" I discovered a few things I needed to change, and then it's off to the web-master to put it up on the website. I personally think it's a very funny plan.
I originally wrote it to be given at wedding showers, but after hosting it myself, I saw that any group could do it, just like the other mystery tea party plans.
So watch for it on the website, or give me a call at 951-301-7218.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tea Party Theme a Success

I hosted a "Reach for the Stars" tea party yesterday. I invited 7 ladies of mature years. I printed out the affirmations, and carried a little more. I added a scripture to go with each one, and then because I didn't want the whole party to get too serious, I added a humorous one liner.

The invitations I sent out encouraged the ladies to be prepared to share a goal with everyone, and what they planned on doing to achieve it. I was surprised how open everyone was in thier sharing. The ladies discovered they had alot in common; problems they were dealing with, hopes for the future, etc. There were deep thoughts but laughter, too.

I made the finger sandwiches ahead of time, as I like to do. As we ate lunch, I bit into my egg salad sandwich, and thought it was rather bland. I removed the top layer of bread, and voila! No egg salad! Apparently I buttered the bread, to keep the sandwich from getting soggy, and then absent minded me, neglected to spread the egg salad before storing them in the refrigerator, tightly sealed in a container.

The funny thing is, they all ate the sandwich, and never said a word, until I brought it up. Then they remarked that they, too, thought it was rather bland. One gal was sure hers had egg salad in it. The power of suggestion!

All in all, the party was a great success. Everyone went away with thier spirits lifted and a smile on thier face. Maybe I'll do it again in the summer to see how they are doing on reaching thier goals. I could make egg salad sanwiches....