Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tea Party

Last Sunday I attended a tea party hosted by a lady in a wheelchair. My friend has MS, but she doesn't let that stop her from hosting a monthly tea party for about 20 women! She has a small house, and sets up tables in her dining room, den, kitchen and sun room. She does most of the cooking herself, occasionally asking someone to bring something to add to the menu. She appoints a hostess for each table, and they do the actual serving.
We all pitch in for the clean up, and don't leave until all the dishes are done and everything is put away.
She is an inspiration to me. I, too, have a small house, and it's easy to use that as an excuse not to entertain. When I think of all the work involved in putting on a tea party, I can easily talk myself out of hosting one. Then I think of my friend, and she inspires me to get out my cookbooks, and put up an extra table.
I hope this will inspire you, too, to bless your friends or family by hosting a tea party.
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