Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mystery of tea

Iam learning so much about tea! I starting reading some tea forums on various websites. I soon discovered that many true tea lovers are not content with the teabags purchased at the local grocery store. They were ordering special teas and blends from different tea sources. They wrote with great passion about senchas and oolongs. They shared how long to steep various teas and worried about the temperature of the water. How long should the water boil? Should green tea steep longer than black?
Should you steep tea in a teapot with the cozy on or off? This last question led to a lengthy discussion, and several people performing tests.
The answers? Usually, water should just reach a boil. Green tea steeps for 3 minutes, black 5. Never cover a teapot while steeping tea. It "cooks" the tea and spoils the taste.

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