Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tea Party Tips

Well, I did it again. True, it wasn't at a tea party, but it did remind me to remind you...I'm getting ahead of myself!
We had friends over for a cook-out the other night. The weather is finally cool enough to enjoy being outdoors again. Anyway, everyone is being helpful, carrying all the plates and food outside. There was plenty of food, and we all enjoyed a nice dinner. Then we played cards, so it wasn't till after everyone had left that I discovered the special salad I had made for the dinner - untouched, in the refrigerator. I forgot to serve it! It was an unusual dish, cucumers and red grapes were the main ingredients, and I was anxious for my gourmet cook/friend to try it. Sigh.
When will I learn to make a list of the food I'm going to serve and check off the items as they are taken to the table.
I usually do that when I'm hosting a tea party, and that's my reminder to you. Make a list!

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