Monday, May 3, 2010

New Mystery Tea Party Plan, The Sinister Sleepover

Whoever heard of attending a tea party in your pajamas? Well, that's how the guests arrive when they attend the new pajama party mystery tea party!
It seems that the hostess has awakened them all with the dreadful news that a robbery and murder has taken place while they were all snoozing. Or were they? Several of them were seen roaming the halls in the middle of the night!
This new mystery party plan is already becoming popular. One lady ordered it and wrote that she is going to do it as an actual slumber party. Another said she is ordering it for her church's ladies night out.
I always do a trial run of any new party plan, and when I hosted "The Sinister Sleepover" my guests really had fun! They arrived in pajamas and bathrobes,one had slippers with floppy dog ears, another brought her teddy bear for company.
One lady had curlers in her hair, another wore a night cap. The party was a great success. You can purchase yours by clicking on

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