Friday, May 14, 2010

Tea Bags vs Loose tea

Tea bags are so convenient, why would anyone want to switch to loose tea? The answer is simple: Quality!
Tea bags first came into popularity in 1904. Before that, tea was sent in tins. A merchant in New York, trying to cut costs, began sending sample teas to his customers in small silk sacks. The client, not knowing this was new packaging, put the tea in hot water-bag and all. And a new way of preparing tea was born. Tea bags became popular. Then, in order for the tea to fully infuse, smaller tea leaves were used. Soon, merchants began using cheaper grades of tea, known as "fannings" or "dust". The thought was that as long as they were hidden inside the tea bag anyway, no one would know. As time went by, companies began to wrap the "leaves" in paper filters, a cheaper alternative to the silk bag. This alternative doesn't allow the water to flow through to the cup as easily, eliminating even more quality.
Unfortuantely, the tea found in most grocery stores is this lower grade of tea.
That is why I have begun to work with Heavenly Special Teas. They offer high quality premium full-leaf tea blends from around the world. Visit thier web site at to see a great variety of herbal/fruit, and flavored teas. Be sure to tell them Maxine sent you.

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