Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ideas for Tea Parties

There are so many fun and unique themes for a tea party! Of course, the Mystery tea party plans are great and offer many different themes, from Hawaiian to Western. Now there's even a a mystery tea party plan for children and one that is suitable for a wedding shower.
Several have roles that can be adapted to a part for a man. "The Bodacious Babes of Buzzard Bend" and "Murder at the Earl of Grey's Hound Manor" are two that come to mind.
One customer did "The Decadent Housewives of Hysteria Lane" for her office party. She added a few roles, one was the handsome plumber. His main role was to look handsome and flirt!
Another customer just wrote in to say she did one of the mystery party plans for a wine tasting.
Another clever gal invited guests to come to her mystery tea party and "tie one on." She gave each guest an apron as their favor. They, indeed, tied one on.

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