Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mystery tea party fund raiser

The Womans Club of Fallbrook, Ca hosted a "not-so-high " mystery tea party as a fund raiser for their scholarship fund. They performed "The Bodacious Babes of Buzzard Bend" to a sold out house.
These ladies did an outstanding performance. Each character was perfectly done. They actually memorized their entire scripts, and strolled around the dining room as they told their stories. Their costumes were fantastic. Two of the dance hall girls were in red satin can-can dresses. Calamity Joan looked like she just came in off a cattle drive. Carlotta, the flamenco dancer, looked the part and really shook her maracas.
The audience thoroughly enjoyed the performance, as well as the food. Scones, sandwiches and dessert were served, along with endless tea.
I was inivited to attend, as a mystery guest. The "director" was afraid that if the cast knew I was there, they'd be more nervous. So, I was not introduced until the performance was over, and the mystery of who shot the scoundrel, Calhoun Cahootz, was solved.
I told the ladies that their performance was the best I'd ever seen. I only write the lines, it's women like them (and you) that bring them to life and by doing so, bring laughter into the lives of others.
In a troubled world like ours, we all need more laughter.

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