Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mystery tea party review

This is an email I received shortly after sending out Tea Tips Newsletter:

How delightful to get your email upon returning from the Ann Arbor City Club and our afternoon mystery tea event. The mystery was your "The Murder of the Darling Duke of Darjeeling"
which I had purchased two years ago in hopes of doing this, and now we have done it! What fun we had putting it on for members and their friends!. All our tea party guests were very
much into the tea and the mystery. The ladies who were my guests - Devon Shire's guests - at Warwick Cottage went all out with fun, appropriate to their character, over the top character
costumes. You should have seen Lacy Frills in her fantastic wedding gown and hat with veil, purchased at the Salvation Army, and Lady Tipton in her disguise with long black wig with bangs,
black hat and dark glasses and clothing, and Fancy Frou Frou with boa and much costume jewelry. My guests were truly into their character, as they walked around the tearoom, telling their
background and then how the Darling Duke had done them wrong, and why they had reason to do away with him. Even I who was hostess to the seven other "characters, had butterflies before,
but they flew away as the tea progressed and we enjoyed tea and hearing each guest's tale of woe. (We did not know the other guest's story until they acted it out and felt that was a good way to do it.)

Our dear friend who had proposed the tea several months ago, greeted the "observer" guests, and set the scene for the Murder Mystery Tea. Then the "actresses" arrived with grand entrances
after the first course had been served to the observer guests. After we had played our roles while enjoying the food and tea, she explained about the voting, and answered the question of
how the Duke was murdered. All guests voted at the end as to who they thought was guilty of the murder of the Darling Duke of Darjeeling. After the votes were counted our General
Manger dressed in a black t-shirt, with large foil covered star took the guilty one away in handcuffs. Our wait staff really enjoyed the event while doing a superb, unobtrusive job of serving
the delicious and attractive three course tea prepared by the kitchen staff . All guests stayed after the two hour Mystery Tea to talk as the "players" mingled. Of course, each guest had
party favors of teas, and chocolates. The enthusiastic guests definitely want to have another Mystery Tea again next year. Thus, we will come to you, Maxine, to select another of your scripts f
or our second Murder Mystery Tea Party.

Many thanks for the fun you brought to all of us.
Mary Ann Pierce

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