Friday, January 6, 2012

How to Eat a Scone

Scones. I love them! Scones come in different sizes and shapes. Some are like biscuits, some more like cookies and some have a more cake like textures. I love them all!
To add to the enjoyment of eating these delicious treats, one adds lemon curd, jam, and/or Devonshire Cream to them. But just what is the proper way togo about eating a scone? Here's a short lesson, Scone Eating 101.

Just remember that scones are finger food. They are not to be eaten with a fork. The correct way to eat a scone is to break it apart. Never cut a scone in half with a knife, always break it. The lemon curd, preserves and cream should be placed to one side of your plate. Then add a little dab to the corner of the scone as you take a bite. It is not correct to spread each side with your knife. Just dab and enjoy each bite. Mmmm.

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