Monday, January 23, 2012

Tea for what ails you

I usually don't catch colds or flu, but this year it seems they have caught me. I have a scratchy throat, and my voice sounds more like a fog horn than a human voice. I don't have fever or chills or aches, just not much energy.
So, I am drinking tea with lemon and honey, lots and lots of tea. Stash Tea makes a very nice blend of peach and ginger tea and also lemon and ginger and I've been drinking alot of those. Ginger is supposed to be beneficial for sore throats.
Hope you all keep drinking your tea, it really does help ward off colds and flu. I'm sure the amount of tea I drink on a daily basis has helped me stay well in the past and is probably why I only have a slight case of whatever this is now.
I am planning on attending a tea luncheon at a tea house in Rancho Cucamonga on Friday, so I must be 100% by then!

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